Faith Based

Our wellness retreats provide one-of-a-kind insights into societies current health trends. We teach our guests practical ways to improve lifestyle related medical conditions with a faith-based approach.

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Lifestyle enhancment

Our goal is to enhance the health and wellness of those around us through teaching the practical skills of lifestyle improvement. We do this through wellness events and community engagements.

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We believe in supporting charities that align with our mission to improve the health and wellness of those in our community. We provide professional services to these partners.

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WELCOME To Wellness

Our mission is to heal our communities and our natural world.

At Divine Health and Wellness Foundation we work effortlessly to raise awareness about our world's easily solvable health problems. Today's medical world solves these problems with perscriptions and pills. Our approach is to heal naturally with simple, God-given, lifestyle changes.

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The Reason

Why We are here

Nothing brings me more joy than to see the eyes of patients light up as they begin unlocking the power of lifestyle medicine.

Dr. Andrew Roquiz - Retreat Docotor

The Reason

Why we are here

Since most medical conditions begin in the mind, we must treat the mind to successfully treat the condition.

Dr. Jennifer Schwirzer - Retreat Counselor

The Reason

Why We are here

The closer you get your food and lifestyle to the way God intended it, the better. I am passionate about helping people get the most out of their lives.

Dr. George Guthrie - Retreat Doctor

The Reason

Why We are Here

My expertise is in helping individuals develop and incorporate lifelong physical activity habits to achieve total wellness.

Dr. Harold Mayor - Retreat Exercise Physiologist

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Matthew Neall


Dr. Kerry Neall


Dr. Andrew Roquiz

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As a faith-based organization, what we do matters to us: Connecting you with experts in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Providing you with experiences that renew you. Helping you rediscover what makes up a life that matters.  Improving your quality of life in every aspect so that you are rejuvenated, fulfilled and have a deeper sense of well-being. Most of all, relationships really matter to us – relationships with our family, friends, community and YOU - all based on our uniquely individual relationships with God.

Ways We change the world

Wellness Efforts


We curate a suite of lifestyle wellness content for our guests that support them in their lifelong journey towards optimal health. Our content is created with video, print, web-based and audio mediums and shared across the United States.


We foster trusting relationships with all the guests from the moment they cross our path. We continue to nurture these relationships post-stay by staying in contact with them and encouraging their growth.


Our main efforts are focused on supporting wellness retreats where our team of expert medical specialists work with guests one on one to give them the tools to become the best version of themselves. We partner with Divine Retreats to host 3 to 7 night events.


We love what other non-profits are doing in our world and rather than re-building the wheel, we financially support well-managed charities that are accomplishing our mission goals in their locales.



We believe in caring for all aspects of our guests’ well-being and that true health is only achieved when the mind, body, and soul are in harmony. We are a faith-based foundation whose founders believe in the Bible and its principles on mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

In combining these elements with science-backed medical advancements, our experts guide guests to become the best versions of themselves. These professionals help guests practically apply the five areas of lifestyle modification. These include rest & relaxation, exercise & movement, nutrition, stress, and relationship.From this foundation, guests achieve an entirely new kind of vitality.

Our guests gain the tools they need to become the best version of themselves.

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Wellness Retreat Components

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